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Client Commitment

Committed to providing our clients with impeccable service and trusted advice, the professionals at The Ellis Group, Inc. work hard to offer unique benefits, including:

Relationship Builder

We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. We seek to work with them as they advance in their careers, start families, and prepare for retirement. Often, we work with our clients’ children and grandchildren, helping them leave a legacy for generations.

A Collaborative Approach

Over the years, we have found that a team approach can be an effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through a complex financial services world. Our team works together, as we believe a collaborative approach can yield greater results.

A Holistic Process

Rather than rely on one solution, we customize each strategy based on the client’s individual needs. We review clients’ current financial situations to determine if their goals are attainable, offer feedback on challenges, and make detailed recommendations to help clients get on track and pursue their goals. Once a strategy is in place, we continue to monitor progress and offer assistance as needed.

Flexible Meetings

We aim to offer frequent communication to our clients and make it easy for them to contact us. Based in Palmer, Alaska, we travel to our clients in the Fairbanks area and the lower 48. Although some of our clients relocate out of Alaska over the years, we find that communication is key to maintaining relationships and providing them personalized service.


As part of an independent firm, we are dedicated to providing unbiased advice and objective strategies that are appropriate for the client’s unique needs.