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Our Clients

Serving Clients Throughout the Many Transitions in Life

An independent financial services firm, the professionals at The Ellis Group, Inc. offer comprehensive financial strategies for clients of all ages and in all phases of life. Our clients range from the young professional to the individual approaching or living in retirement. We believe that education can be a means to keep fear at bay. Wherever our clients are in their life or career, we seek to educate them on the opportunities available and help them feel confident in their financial future.

For young clients building their careers or expanding their families, many seek to create a diversified portfolio and build their wealth. They may also be concerned with balancing college planning with retirement planning needs. We can provide advice and strategies to help them balance their upcoming and future goals.

Many of our clients are approaching and preparing to transition into retirement. These clients are largely concerned with preserving their wealth and making it last. Focusing on mitigating risk and protecting assets, we can help clients strategize and develop steady and reliable income streams, assist with estate planning, and offer advice on long-term care insurance.

People are in different cycles of life as they come to us and we recognize that there are a number of different needs. Wherever our clients are in life, our goal is to work closely with them and build long-lasting relationships based on trust. We believe that by working collaboratively as a team, we can educate our clients on their opportunities and help them feel more confident in their financial future.